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The so called “Red Queen” changes form and taste and conquers the Greek dinner table.
Tomato, a protagonist for centuries in our dishes, now triumphs in its sundried version, which has become very popular in recent years, not only because of its exquisite taste and high nutritional value, but also of its limitless ways of use in the Greek Cuisine.



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Like the fresh tomatoes, the sundried ones are considered one of the healthier Mediterranean foods because of their high content in vitamins and minerals. Another advantage is that they have a low Kcal value – a medium sized tomato contains only 36 calories, ideal for those who care for their weight.

In recent years, sundried tomatoes have a quite dynamic presence in Greek gastronomy and our chefs keep on discovering ways to use them in new exciting recipes. The sundried tomato is an excellent ingredient of sauces for pastas, meat and fish, also for vinaigrettes and appetizer dips. It can be added shopped, in salads and sandwiches. Smashed into puree can make a perfect match to pizzas and saganaki, hamburgers, and meatballs. It can be used in vegetable casseroles, in omelets, and as a garnish to various meat dishes. Of course, sundried tomatoes can be a delicious snack, accompanied with white cheese.

The way of making is the traditional one. They just dry fresh tomatoes in the sun. In the old days that was the way to preserve tomatoes for the winter. The waterless tomato varieties are the best to be dried in the sun. One of them is Santorini small tomatos. This unique Greek variety owes its exquisite taste firstly to the volcanic soil of the island, and secondly to the fact that the only water the plant absorbs is from the morning dew, the best way to optimize the minerals and trace elements of the soil.

A “bomb” of taste and vitamins, a“balsam” for the health are some of the descriptions of tomatoes, second vegetable consumption-wise in the world. It must be noted that recent researches proved that the sundried tomato contains more lycopene than the fresh one. Lycopene has a strong preventive action against diseases like cancer and heart condition, a strong antioxidant action as well, fighting the free radicals, which are a basic contributor in the ageing process. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can prevents inflammations and cures certain infections.

All kinds of tomatoes contain more than 500 carotenoids, among them the important antioxidant b-carotene. More researches proved that tomatoes consumption lowers the levels of cholesterol and arterial pressure and acts against heart diseases. It also helps in bone structure and nervous system function, acts against diabetes, while it activates metabolism at the same time. As the strongest advantage of sundried tomato is its unique taste, we recommend that you should try both of our specialties, in all your dishes: sundried tomatoes in oliveoil, and sundried tomatoes in olive oil flavored with aromatic herbs. The mixture of sundried tomato with virgin olive oil and aromatic herbs like basil, oregano and mint, promises a great gastronomical experience.

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    Fava is a special kind of pulse with a characteristic light yellow color, coming from a plant called “lathouri”. It belongs to the beans family.Ιt blossoms in April and May, and its seeds, are picked and left to dry, then broken to smaller pieces before they reach the consumer.





    A wine containg all the magic of the island. Santorini Assyrtiko condenses all the characteristics of the most beautiful Greek island: the bright light, the volcanic soil and austere uniqueness of Santorini.

    In Santorini was born the most famous Greek variety of grapes, Assyrtiko, which is conquering world now, thanks to its exciting taste and high nutritional value.

    Santorini Assyrtiko is perfectly combined with all Greek and Mediterranean tastes.

    Complex nose of pear, apple and minerals with beautifully added herbal notes. Full bodied, has a creamy texture wonderfully balanced by minerality and tension. A full, condensed wine with a refined complexity and long lasting in the mouth.

    Production and bottling: Artemis Karamolegos Winery.



    Capers is excellent source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and zinc.
    Furthermore, its seeds contain fatty acids, mostly linoleic acid, which belongs to the group of healthy and beneficial fats. They are rich in flavonoids as quercetin and kaempferol.

    Therapeutic properties
    Even in ancient times the therapeutic properties were well known. Dioscorides recommended the leaves and the roots of capers for the treatment of edemas. Also, in a 15th century medical textbook, the writer claims that capers “treats the spleen problems, abases the intestinal worms, cures the piles, strengthens the sperm, helps in stiffness and rheumatic problems…”

    Capers is considered a multiply therapeutic herb that has been used in medications and cosmetics. It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and has diuretic action.It reinforces the immune system, stimulates the blood circulation and helps the respiratory function.

    VINSANTO 2007




    The secret lies in its natural sweetness. The delight in the quality of production and aging process. “Vinsanto Santorini”, coming from the grape varieties “assyrtiko”, “athiri” and “aidani”, is a lasting surprise for the palate.

    It’s aromatically dense with flavors of dried fruits, chocolate, caramel, coffee and nuts. It tastes sweet in the mouth, without causing the feeling of saturation because of its explosive acidity. A real elixir that contains all the characteristics of the Santorini “terroir”.

    Produced and bottled in Artemis Karamolegos Winery.

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